Summer is coming and the barbecue party season is starting to kick off. With the good weather and temperatures above average for the season, the French have already rushed to buy their brand new grill. Whether large and installed in the garden, or portable and used on the balcony, the barbecue is one of the best friends of the French during the summer period. Indeed, “more than 60% of French homes are equipped with it. In short, as soon as a French person has a piece of lawn or garden, there is a barbecue there”, reports Radio Classique.

Each year, around 2 million barbecues are sold in France. However, few people really know its usefulness. Indeed, the latter is not suitable for all foods. Losing texture, flavor, and more, find out which foods to never barbecue in our slideshow below.

In addition to foods that are not made to be cooked on the barbecue, other aspects of this tool are largely unknown. And yes, many French people still don’t know how to properly maintain their grill. Indispensable for reasons, not only hygienic, but also culinary, here is how to take care of your barbecue:

Find in our slideshow the list of foods not to cook on the barbecue.