The German environmental aid Association (DUH) has reached an agreement in the dispute in order to Diesel-driving bans, for the first time with a state government out of court. DieDUHund the ecological transport club Germany (VCD) as the plaintiff reached a settlement and agreed with the black-green state government on Diesel-driving bans for two streets in Darmstadt, Germany, in order to achieve the European limit value for nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The the DUH, the VCD and the state government announced on Friday.

For years, the air limit in Darmstadt will be at the hill road and Henry street to be exceeded. The driving bans are to 1, according to DUH undVCDab. June 2019 to apply, the Ministry of the environment speaks of the middle of 2019. After that, the bans on Diesel vehicles up to and including Euro 5 and gasoline will apply up to and including Euro 2. It had been also agreed a number of exceptions. At the same time, the urban car is reduced, traffic lanes be reduced.

promotion of public transport written

The 200 or so measures of the city (“Green-City-Plan”) for the promotion of public transport and Cycling are a binding part of the agreement, it says in DUH and VCD. The NO2 levels in the second half of the year should not fall 2019, as expected, below the EU limit of 40 micrograms per cubic meter of air, exacerbated the package of measures also. “In Darmstadt, Germany, has been scientifically proven that Diesel-driving bans are no exceedances at other locations in the urban area will occur”, reports DUH and VCD.

the environment Minister Priska Hinz(Green) said: “for the First time in Germany, it is a suit for the air to come in attitude a comparison with the German environmental aid. This proves that both the Ministry of the environment, as well as the city of Darmstadt have developed a excellent basis in order to achieve the improvement of air quality as soon as possible.“

exceptions for ambulances, waste collection, street cleaning

For ambulances, waste collection, street cleaning, there are exceptions, such as Hinz reported. These are also for craftsmen. In addition, there is a new, temporary, transitional arrangements for the residents. “Who’s to upgrade its Diesel, is not affected”, – said the Minister.