McLaren report – For the weight lifters all different fine President, confirmed million bags, gedopte athletes and a mysterious son-in-law: A Report by investigator Richard McLaren, things work again. Marcel Rohner0 comment was here, all right? Ele Opeloge, weightlifter from Samoa.Tamedia/Doris Fanconi

The “rule” is mentioned, elsewhere, of “tyranny”. Anyway, the man was an “autocratic leader”. Anyone who challenged him, was punished and bullied. The villain is Tamas Ajan, Hungarian, 81 years of age, a of like once out of strangers pockets. He is the deposed President of the world Federation of weightlifters (IMF).

The descriptions from the beginning all come from the same report. It comes from Richard McLaren, a lawyer and special investigator of the world Anti-Doping Agency, of a Size in the scene. He had informed a few years ago a comprehensive account of the Russian state doping, the investigation reports, which looked at the years 2011 to 2016, were, quite simply, the name McLaren-Report.

Now, there is another of these Reports. On Thursday evening he was released, he is 122 pages long and is devoted entirely to the weight lifters. And thus their Supreme chief Tamas Ajan. This is due to a documentation of the ARD, which revealed to was, that in the case of the strong men and women, must be something wrong. At the Olympic Games and the world, between 2008 and 2017, all 453 medals were awarded Championships. 204 on athletes that were tested every year, and the only Time outside of the competitions. In Ajan sounded once, his Association had in terms of fight against Doping, the role of the pioneer. However, as this newspaper wrote after the appearance of the ARD-documentation: countries that were hardly controlled, are considered to be Ajan-close, it is mainly the poorer associations, in order to allow the 81-Year-old voice.

In the visor of the investigators, once more: Tamas Ajan.Latin, the content was pulled in via “His Power was absolute, and notorious”

So Over-the-investigator McLaren one more Time to Rate. And the Canadians not only confirmed what the ARD, published in January, he found out that actually everything is much worse. “His Power was absolute, and notorious,” writes McLaren. His analysis is based on the ten years between 2009 and 2019. In this period alone Ajan has lifted nearly 28 million Euro of the accounts of the IMF or cash received. The money is to come primarily from Nations that bought freely, but also of associations, and even sponsors. Money that should be in Swiss Bank accounts. With a drawing Tamas entitled: Ajan.

Exactly, it’s about 27.8 million Euro in ten years. Still unclear of the whereabouts of a further 10.4 million is. Considering how long Ajan presides over the weight lifter, or at least a supporting role in their Association, it could be only the tip of a multi-million dollar iceberg. He was, in 1970, Vice-President, six years later, the Secretary-General and President in 2000. And there’s also the Sporty is in addition to the Financial Yes: Only in the ten years under review, a further 40 was to cover up a positive doping have been found to be samples.

cooperation: Deficient

Also a point of criticism: the Secretary-General. Or better: its relationship to Ajan. Because Attila Adamfi is the difficult son of the deposed President. On his Computer numerous incriminating documents have been found. The investigators, among them Steve Berryman, one of the most important heads in the Fifa process, write to money laundering and vote-buying. Ajans successor, the interim President, Ursula Garza Papandrea, already announced: “We will do everything to the law enforcement authorities of the respective countries and are fully cooperating.” So also in Switzerland.

So the importance of the US-American Papandrea is to cooperate, so no matter it is, apparently, some of their new colleagues. McLaren writes: “The appetite for education was virtually absent.” Of the twenty contacted, President of the national associations, only four had co-operated. Also, only two of the five IMF Vice President. Also, the way the money are not understand this Association, 100 percent. It is quite possible that Ajan, once again, and somehow get away with it.

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