Connor McDavid Impressed by Macklin Celebrini

Hours before the second showdown between the Edmonton Oilers and the Florida Panthers, Connor McDavid and Evander Kane had a chat with some prospects. Macklin Celebrini, Cayden Lindstrom, Artyom Levshunov, and Zeev Buium had the opportunity to converse with the best player in the world.

Following the meeting, the Oilers’ captain, McDavid, believes that Celebrini impressed him by mentioning that he enjoyed his experience at the NHL Combine in Buffalo last week. McDavid, however, is not entirely sure about that. Having gone through a Combine himself, he is well aware of the challenging exercises and interviews with NHL teams.

“He’s a good kid. We talked, he told me he enjoyed his Combine experience… not too sure about that one though!” – McDavid

With less than three weeks until the 2024 amateur draft, Celebrini was thrilled to meet McDavid, expressing his excitement for the upcoming event in Vegas. The young man from Vancouver will be selected first overall by the San Jose Sharks on June 28th at the Vegas Sphere.

In conclusion, here is a video showcasing just how much of a standout player Celebrini truly is: