McConnell blasts Louisville BLM for bailing out a man who tried to ‘literally murder a politician.’


Louisville BLM helped to bail out an alleged shooter at the headquarters of Dem candidate for mayor.

Thursday’s Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell criticized Black Lives Matter Louisville for paying the bail of a man who tried to “literally murder” a candidate for mayor.

McConnell (R-Ky.) stated that a far-left Black Lives Matter activist, and defund-the-police cheerleader, entered a Jewish Democrat campaign headquarters and opened fire. McConnell stated that the suspect’s mental condition was also included.
“But, guess what? He’s already been released from jail. McConnell said that he’s been released from jail already. He was rescued by a left-wing bail fund that was partnered with BLM Louisville. The radical left saved their friend less than 48 hours after he attempted to murder a politician.

Quintez Brown is the activist McConnell refers to. He was arrested earlier this week by police after shooting at Craig Greenberg, mayoral candidate, in his campaign office.

WHAS11 reported on Wednesday that Black Lives Matter Louisville teamed up with the Louisville Community Bail Fund in order to pay Brown’s $100,000 bail.

McConnell criticized Democrats and corporations for supporting Black Lives Matter, both financially and rhetorically. McConnell warned that Black Lives Matter’s mentality was not limited to fringe protestors. McConnell cited Minnesota prosecutors as an example of someone who advocated for lenient sentencing in the case against a man who set fire to a pawnshop and then killed another person during the 2020 Minneapolis Riots.

The GOP leader said that it was also remarkable how little media coverage has been given to the assassination attempt on the Democratic mayoral candidate.
McConnell stated, “I am confident that if activists pretending to be conservative attempted to assassinate someone politician, regardless of his mental state,” McConnell added.

Police said that Brown, 21 years old, was charged with attempted murder, four counts of wanton danger and four counts each of wanton endangerment. He entered Greenberg’s campaign headquarters at Butchertown and fired multiple shots with a 9mm Glock handgun.

Police said that Greenberg’s shirt was slightly grazed by the bullet but no one was hurt.
According to the newspaper, Brown worked previously as an intern for the Louisville Courier-Journal and as an editorial columnist. In December, Brown shared a brief campaign video via Twitter announcing his intention to run for District 5 in the 2022 Louisville Metro Council.