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Axel Mazella was today proclaimed winner of the Hotel of the Golf Beach FKSS 2020 Castellón. The French had a duel agony with the German Florian Gruber that was not resolved until the last downwind where Axel was faster and won the second race of the season in the Formula Kite Spain Series. The podium as he completed the Russian Denis Taradin. In the women’s category the absolute winner was the Spanish Gisela Pulido who is facing in August, the European specialty of Kitefoil in Poland.

The Hotel del Golf Playa FKSS 2020 were decided in the last stern. Which came first to the finish was the winner. And it was in that stretch which bolstered to the top of the podium in the gallic already in Alarcón last week was in second position. Mazella is the leader of the overall circuit.

Mazella is a true specialist in the sterns. French is probably one of the best in the world in the downs, and that weapon was the final today. Gruber did a better output in the last race, the final. The frenchman was always behind him until they arrived at the buoy of windward for the second time. They had one last stern and out came the magic of Hyeres. is “I have given everything that I had in the stern, I have gone to the maximum of what could go” , said Axel nothing more to return to the water, as joyous as twisted by the effort. For Mazella is his second victory in the Formula Kite Spain Series now that the last season won the test Rate that closed the season 2019.

Third overall in the has been the Russian Denis Taradin has repeated the result already achieved in Alarcón last week. Fourth has finished the valencian Alex Climent today who has taken advantage of the prick of Théo de Ramecourt who, after not being able to have a chance of winning the competition, has been dedicated today to the test material face the European of Poland in August. The castellón Carlos Puig has finished in the sixth position.

Gisela Pulido has repeated victory in the race of women. The Catalan has done very solid all the week, and always while rubbing shoulders with the high class of the Open category. For Polishing these two weeks in Alarcón and Castellón competing in the Formula Kite Spain Series have also been the best platform for training of face, the European of Poland in the that will be looking to be among the best of the specialty of the Old Continent.

so that it refers to the F-One Formula Kite Amateur the ultimate victor has been the belgian Regy Dils. The lack of sufficient wind on the race course has not made them today outputs to this class. Therefore the boy Carlos Espí of only 12 years has been proclaimed runner-up which is a real milestone. Espí is champion of Spain of optimist and one of the promises of sailing Spanish. The last week in Alarcón was fourth and in Castellón has taken a further step in his meteoric evolution in the specialty.

Axel Mazella, a winner in Castelló, explains: “it Has been very stressful and very matched the last stern. Today we have done five races and until the last second has been equaled. My skill in the stern it has helped me a lot today. I did not finish well but I fought until the end for trying to pass him. The sterns are my specialty, and there you can go deeper or faster and I have a lot of confidence in this part of the race. These two weeks in the FKSS have been very good for me to get ready for the championship of Europe. I hope to be in October in Formentera…”

Florian Gruber, second in the general, explains: “I never expected to be fighting for the victory until the last race. Axel has done a great job and I think that was a little more fresh in the last sleeves. It seems that he had a point more than I do physical preparation. I have not trained much in the last few weeks and these weeks I was a little touched. Axel was more fresh and have used it. The European is very objective. Come here to the Formula Kite Spain Series is my best preparation for this competition.”

Gisela Pulido, who won the women, explains: “The truth is that I am very happy with the two weeks that we sailed in the Formula Kite Spain Series. Today has been a day very demanding because we have sailed five sleeves practically in a row, and I’ve found it physically quite well. There was also little wind, which many times is more complicated because you have to draw strength from where there are. I come back to be in the high positions of the general. My next target is the European of Poland. I’m going to give it my all and see if we can fight for to be on the podium. I’m going to rest for a couple of days after these two weeks so intense in Alarcón and Castellón, but soon I’m going to give a lot of cane to go to Poland as best as possible”.