Four drunken Teenagers beat in Amberg, passers-by indiscriminately, and thus a debate about the violence of refugees triggered. On a Facebook entry on the incident, mayor Michael Cerny (CSU) got reactions from all over Germany and abroad. “There are people from Hamburg and Berlin, the my all of a sudden, you could assess the Situation in Amberg report,” said the town mayor on Tuesday, the German press Agency. Many of the 40,000 residents were horrified as he because of the incident, upset or shocked. The Bavarian AfD is calling for the immediate deportation of the accused.

The accused, according to the police, asylum-seekers from Afghanistan, Syria and Iran. They had attacked on Saturday night at the railway station of the city and in the old town, suddenly, passers-by. Twelve people between the ages of 16 to 42 years, were injured, most lightly. A 17-year-old Boy, however, was stationary due to a head injury to the hospital.

The suspects, aged 17 to 19 years, sitting in various prisons in custody – mainly due to the charge of dangerous bodily injury.

“The other dimensions”

Cerny had written on Facebook: “It must, of course, be generalized, in the entirety of these idiots have been proven but also the peaceful and dedicated to asylum seekers a disservice.” The judiciary must respond with an appropriate hardness and in consequence, the asylum authorities or institutions of the youth welfare. “We do not need such violence in Amberg and you don’t want to see us.” Over the year the post was commented on hundreds of times – often with asylum critical voices.

Many of the reactions are very “AfD,” said Cerny of the dpa. As an important Signal to the population, the mayor referred to the arrest of the suspects, and that this came after the arrest. “This has a different Dimension, as if a drink one over the thirst.”