The vote of the Conservatives has given the Prime Minister May be a pause for breath. That’s all. In times of great confusion that should not be underestimated. A fall in a vote of censure would have inevitably led to the uncoordinated Brexit. May is likely to be traveled, therefore, in anticipation of the EU summit, that would be a very friendly reception. You should, however, have hoped for substantial changes at the outlet of the Treaty, you can save yourself the effort.

the Five-points-the paper has changed from the night in Brussels. It would take a miracle, so that the Brexit Deal is approved by the lower house. 117 Conservatives have refused to May the trust – a writing on the wall. Labour would, on elections, aiming at the rejection, would have the Deal as good as no Chance. It’s the big Chaos threatened. May is a good month to this Chaos is to be avoided. You would certainly have an entry in the history books, should you succeed. But miracles are only in fairy tales, right?