It was a day like today but Atletico de Madrid has changed since 2006 when it won its last victory at Camp Nou. Diego Simeone tried it 14 times, but without success despite having won LaLiga.

There are few things that Diego Simeone can do for the Athletic of Madrid. The Argentinian won the second LaLiga champion technician trophy, and converted like this in to become the most laureado trainer in the history. With eight titles, the trainer is increasingly close to surpassing Luis Aragonese as the mister that has more split directed to the team (611 x 558). The Cholo is the only stage that has lasted more than a decade.

Simeone has completed all complexes at the Athletic of Madrid, and is now a ‘favourite” for the team alongside the trasatlanticos of LaLiga , FC Barcelona. There are always challenges ahead of you that you can overcome. The ‘cholo” broke a 14-year-old streak of victories to the Real Madridis one of the most memorable nights between the fans colchonera in the final of Glass of the King of the 13.

It was undoubtedly a significant achievement that will be cherished by the fans rojiblanca. Although Simeone has yet to win the victory at Camp Nou, the stadium has held him back with 14 visits, without achieving the result. He will have a fresh chance to end this “curse” on Sunday.

Yes, Simeone’s team had a wonderful afternoon at the feudo of Barcelona club. He won his first title as LaLiga when a goal by D iego Godin made it possible to tie the Barcelona team and take the first trophy in competition since 1996 with the Cholo-like player. This tie was one among seven that Simeone has added to his feudo Catalan visits, along with seven defeats.

After 14 visits, the “Cholo” has left, taking the measure to Barcelona’s picture. He wishes this Sunday would be the day of his redemption something that does not happen from February 5, 2006, when a team led by Fernando Torres was imposed by 1-3 with doublets of the Boy and a goal by Maxi Rodriguez.

Simeone also has only won five of the 31 total crashes before the Barcelona. However, the animal of these victories have been in the five previous parties. The two final visits to Camp Nou ended in tie after several minutes under siege by the Catalans. This extended the series to five meetings without any knowledge of the defeat against Barca.