After the resignation announcement, the us defence Secretary, Jim Mattis for February, announced President Donald Trump, to replace him for the year, for the time being, by Deputy Patrick Shanahan. He was making “our very talented Deputy Minister of defense,” Shanahan from 1. January, to the acting Minister of defense, informed Trump on Sunday on Twitter. “He will be great.” Mattis had announced on Thursday because of differences with the President for the end of February for his resignation.

Shanahan was prior to his career in the state service by March 2017, a high employee of the Boeing in Philadelphia. He was there for the rotor systems, and took care of all of the military flight programs of the American forces in Philadelphia and Mesa, Arizona. In addition, he served as Vice President and General Manager, Boeing’s Dreamliner program.

Mattis had stated in a published Letter to Trump, he’ll kick due to the content differences of opinion with the President – among other things because of its course with international allies. Trump’s controversial decision, all of the 2000 soldiers of America from Syria, to deduct, to have played a significant role in Mattis’ step. As a Protest against the Syria resolution, the special officer for the Anti-IS coalition, Brett McGurk, to his early resignation explains.