What the denomination belongs to a politician who makes it to the final rally before the parliamentary elections of early March, a rosary, and a symbolic oath on the Bible? The party has tabled in the Parliament in Rome, a draft law, according to which in almost all public institutions in the country – from schools and agencies, courts, and prisons to train stations and airports – a crucifix “in an elevated and prominent place” is to be mounted? And whose party Verona, the “city of love” of Romeo and Juliet and, most recently, to the “city for life” has called for, should be made from where the forty years ago, reached legalization of abortion in Italy is gradually reversed?

Matthias Rüb

Political correspondent for Italy, the Vatican, Albania and Malta, based in Rome.

F. A. Z.

It is Matteo Salvini, the end of February on the square in front of the Cathedral of Milan was in front of tens of thousands of followers with rosary and Bible plying. And it is his right nationalist Lega, which has begun is the duty of the crucifix and the right to life, a kind of political crusade. Matteo Salvini, since June, the interior Minister and Deputy head of government of the coalition government with the left-wing populist Five-star, is Catholic. But he is a Catholic politician? And his Lega is a Catholic party?

you can Hear on the leadership of the Catholic Church in Italy and to the Vatican, then you must answer no to this questions. Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, President of the Italian bishops ‘ conference, and Minister of the interior, Salvini are more than once to each other. Already at the beginning of February, at the festival service for the fiftieth anniversary of the Catholic community of Saint Egidio, which has worked for ever for the poor and migrants, as well as the world peace service, Sant’had Bassetti preached: “making no xenophobia, to social resentment and to the business with fear!” The election victory of the right-and left-wing populists, whose immigration policy differs only little from each other, could not prevent the Italian bishops and cardinals. The instrumental of Salvini’s Ministry developed, at the end of November, adopted by the Parliament and then by President Sergio Mattarella under the law safety package, which curtails the rights of migrants, as well as the state contributions to these clear, signed Bassetti and other bishops have repeatedly criticized violently.