on Thursday, in Germany’s Münsterland Giro was ridden. With Mathieu van der Poel at the start of his first race since the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. Before the beginning looked for the power of the associations to return to its collapse in the final round in Yorkshire.

this is an image that will probably be each and every review, you will get it within a few months. The big favourite Mathieu van der Poel, who suddenly drops out at the front of the race, and is fully in park. The Dutch could end up in more than a dozen minutes, coming in behind winner Mads Pedersen.

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“One suffering from hunger pangs? Yeah, maybe,” said the rider, by Corendon-Circus, in the NIS, prior to the start of the Münsterland Giro d’italia. “Probably, I have too little to eat and drink in the local circles. And that, combined with the cold temperatures, so you won’t be able to feel it coming. Normally, you will feel that. Now, I felt that I had five minutes before, was still great, and all of a sudden it’s done.”

The Dutchman also defended his tactics. “I’ve been told that I’m a tactical error that would have made it. I can think of that don’t. I was in a group that is for the title to sprint. If I were to breakdown, we wouldn’t have had, talking to someone, no one now,” said the world champion in cyclo-cross.

as Of the of the Lake will be this weekend, will not take part in the olympic test event in late the bike. In consultation with the management team and the performance of the cell with the team Corendon-Circus, decided that the Dutch do not go to Tokyo, go to the “additional tax” is to be avoided.

“that way, we can avoid the additional tax Was due to another race on a different continent, and hence also the jet-lag”, a light in the ploegmanagement make the decision to apply for the Tokyo-to.

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