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Despite the fact that the own Carmen Thyssen as announced in an interview with ABC (“Mata Mua would be this summer at the museum of Andorra), and went so far as to be sent to the media on June 25 the announcement of the presentation, which was to be held on the 30th day of that month, only two days later, the 27th of June, came another statement (as lean as cryptic), in announcing the postponement of the press conference “due to causes logistical insurmountable related to movement of work “Mata Mua” by Paul Gauguin “. What an insurmountable problem it may have to move a single work of art, taking into account that he traveled to the Thyssen up to the bunker that has the baroness in Andorra. Yes, escorted like a star.

we Talked, via telephone, Guillermo Cervera, nephew of the baroness and it’s artistic director Museo Carmen Thyssen Andorra . In reality, and despite the fact that it is so called, is not a museum itself, such as that of Malaga or the future of Sant Feliu de Guíxols, but a space that occupies the ground floor of an old hotel where they exhibit long duration exposure with the works of the Carmen Thyssen Collection.

Heavy insurance

What are these logistical problems? “I can’t talk about that, I don’t have authorization, are internal issues . The movement of a work is very complex, there are many factors that come into play. If it fails one, since you can’t move the work.” Do you not have to do with the safety box was not one hundred percent ensured or, put simply, is an insurance problem ? When you leave the Thyssen Museum and leave Spain, “Mata Mua”, Gauguin’s, he ceased to be insured for the most part with the guarantee (the other part ran to charge of the art gallery). Since that time, the baroness took over the insurance of the work, but, if it comes out of the bunker, and is exposed at the museum of Andorra, things change a lot. Guillermo Cervera denies that those are the causes. “The Museum of Andorra has already hosted works very relevant. We have had “coming and going, Martinique” , another of the paintings of Gauguin from the Collection of Carmen Thyssen, which has the same importance, if not more, than “Mata Mua”. It is a work of brutal, with a value similar insurance and has been exposed to a year in Andorra. The security level of this museum is one of the highest in Europe”.

A negotiation pending

what has been postponed, or has canceled the showing of “Mata Mua” in Andorra? “ has been postponed “sine die” . We are looking at when you might do and how. The collection travels a lot always. The works are the property of Carmen Thyssen, the you can take. Go to exhibitions in other museums in the world and there has never been any problem.” Did you see “Mata Mua” in another place before that, in Andorra, if it arrives to expose themselves there one day? “Depend, we toyed with different options . There are great museums that might also have it. Is open”.

at the moment, it seems out of the question that will expose this summer, as planned. “It’s difficult in summer, because we went in August. If we can leave it all nice and tidy, best for the Christmas campaign. We have a negotiation with Spain pending . And that also confirms that the work trip to a museum or to another, or back to Madrid. Everything is possible. I don’t know. Many museums would like to have the box.

Andorra is a choice that my aunt liked so much , because it is a Museum Carmen Thyssen, and because it is a picture of him, you can be in a museum that bears his name. But it is a very small museum. And I can’t place the box in any way; there has to be an artistic discourse, to be in dialogue with the works exhibited. A large museum, with more space, allows you to more options. In a small museum everything is more complex.”

it Seems that “Mata Mua” you will spend this hot summer confined in the bunker of the baroness in Andorra. “ I don’t know where it is, but where it is, is well cared for , ” warns Guillermo Cervera.

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