Tuesday, March 28 marks International Sausage Day. As if they had given each other the word, several supermarket chains have recalled dry sausages, dry sausages and other delicious cold cuts, due to detection of listeria monocytogenes within them. France is the world’s leading consumer of sausage, with 70,000 tonnes consumed each year, as reported by our colleagues from France 3.

But beware ! The sausage is not eaten anyhow, it is necessary to respect the rules of the art. One of the crucial factors for tasting a good sausage in optimal conditions is the thickness of its slices: according to connoisseurs, they must be very thin, almost like chiffonade. Another point of contention: the skin. For good quality sausages, carefully cured and made with natural casing, don’t miss out! It is even from there that a whole part of the flavor in the mouth would come.

The recalled sausages are most likely contaminated, so you should absolutely dispose of them. To do this, and so as not to unnecessarily throw away a sausage that could have made you happy for an aperitif, the procedure to follow is very simple: just compare the references of the sausages you have at home with those of the products recalled. If you happen to shop at one of the following vending machines, you are at even greater risk.

Find all the references to identify below, according to Rappel Conso.