Do you like to end your meals with a sweet note, for example by taking a compote? Pay attention to the product you choose! Pots of this preparation have been the subject of a recall imposed by prefectural decree since Monday, September 19, 2022, indicates Rappel Conso.

The reason this dessert is being recalled? The presence of patulin, a microscopic fungus, was detected in this article. They can represent a health risk for customers, because they are mycotoxins. In this sense, it makes the product unfit for consumption.

Make sure you haven’t purchased the recalled product. It is an “apple fruit dessert” sold in batches of 16 cups of 100g, by the Douceur du verger brand. This product was marketed from 08/05/2022 to 09/19/2022 throughout France by the distributor E.Leclerc.

Here are the references to know to identify the product to bring back to the supermarket:

In addition, only products bearing the additional code 08 following the barcode are affected by the recall, informs the site.

The consumption of this product to concoct dishes puts you at risk of ingesting a fungus that is potentially harmful to your health. It is recommended that you no longer ingest it, destroy it or bring it back to the store.

For this last option, you will get a refund. In the event of a complaint, contact this number: 0800865286. The end date of the procedure is Saturday, November 19, 2022.