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At the dawn of human civilization, our ancestors practiced picking to obtain fruits, legumes or seeds, and hunted in order to be able to consume meat. Hunting being very dangerous and bringing back a random quantity of food, the sedentarization of men was done first by agriculture, but also by breeding. Indeed, our species had discovered the use of fences, and thus were able to spare themselves eternal chases with mammoths.

However, breeding aimed at consuming the meat of raised animals has since evolved. Nowadays, it has even become totally industrial, at least as far as a large majority of the meat offered to consumers is concerned. Admittedly, meat has thus become a much more accessible food, in terms of both price and quantity available. However, the quality of the meat we buy has suffered very badly.

Not only is the industrialization of animal husbandry, and mass animal husbandry in general, synonymous with often execrable living conditions for the animals that are its victims, but the finished product also suffers from numerous additions of more or less harmful substances. for our long-term health. Finally, the extreme democratization that meat has known for many decades has slowly but surely pushed our society to tend towards the overconsumption of this food which, while certainly being part of our natural diet, has negative effects on our body. if consumed in large quantities.

Several meat foods have been subject to voluntary recalls in recent times. The causes of these recalls are multiple: presence of Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes or even labeling error. Here are the affected supermarkets:

Find below all the references of the products concerned. Identify them and remove them from your fridge as soon as possible. You can return them to the store where you purchased them for a refund.