Massive delicatessen recall: all supermarkets concerned


Do you love to eat sausage as an aperitif? Pay attention ! Many foodstuffs are the subject of voluntary recalls by their brand, indicates Rappel Conso. It is therefore better to make sure that these do not end up on your plate.

Why are they being recalled? The presence of Listeria or Salmonella in the products. You are likely to ingest it, which may represent a risk for you the consumer. As a result, the items are compulsorily withdrawn from sale by large-scale distribution companies.

It is advised by Rappel Conso not to consume, to destroy the products or to bring them back to the supermarket. For this last option, it will be possible to obtain a refund. To find out where to bring back the contaminated products, Planet has produced the slideshow below.

Make sure you haven’t purchased the products affected by the recalls. These are charcuterie sold throughout France. To identify them, here are their references, according to Rappel Conso:

GTIN: 98423610072727; Batch: 221413; Use-by date 11/21/2022.

Batch: 1251; Use-by date 11/21/2022.

Batch: 22331; Date of minimum durability between 06/11/2022 and 20/11/2022.

GTIN: 3411320501196; Batch: 22257; Use-by date 07/10/2022.

GTIN: 3411320501196; Batch: 22257; Use-by date 06/10/2022.

GTIN: 3411320501196; Batch: 22257; Use-by date 10/10/2022.