Mass unrest in the United States – Fallible police officer in Minneapolis, the festival no official was involved in the brutal use against George Floyd, has been arrested. He sat on the neck of the later-deceased African-American.0 comment serious unrest: protesters watch the police in St. Paul (Minnesota). (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

After the death of the African-American George Floyd in the US city of Minneapolis was one of the brutal use of police officers involved arrested. American media reported on Friday agreed that it was the police officer who had pressed his knee minutes long on the neck of Floyd’s.

Floyd had repeatedly begged for help before he lost consciousness, like a Video had recorded. The 46-Year-old died in the hospital. As a result of his death, it had come in the last few nights of serious riots in Minneapolis in the U.S. state of Minnesota.

The four on the use of the police officers involved were dismissed. They were initially accused but neither arrested nor what led to angry protests. Minnesota’s Governor, Tim Walz pledged on Friday during an emotional press conference that the judiciary will investigate the actions of the Parties quickly. The Governor informed the horror of the incident. “The Chapter was written this week, is one of our darkest chapters,” he said. Walz, the protesters urged the renunciation of violence.

Tweets are “not helpful”

Walz had previously referred to Donald trump’s recent Tweets to the incident as “not helpful”. The city of Minneapolis will do everything in their Power to bring some of them violent protests under control, said rolling more. “In the present Moment, in such an unpredictable situation, is all we do, to pour further Oil on the fire, really, really a big challenge,”said the Governor. The situation could be brought under control, without the fire more fuel.

If there should investigations into a possible miscarriage to give the behaviour of the local authorities, is the time to do it later, said Walz. Trump had declared on the night of Friday in the face of the rioting in Minneapolis via Twitter: “Have just spoken with Governor Tim Walz, and told him that the military is on his side. If there are difficulties, we will take control, but if the looting begin, starts the Shooting,” tweeted Trump. “These thugs are a disgrace to the memory of George Floyd, and I’m not going to let that happen.” Twitter sided shortly after the Tweet with a warning, because of the contribution against the prohibition of glorification of violence of the movement of the service.

Obama’s striking words

The former US-President Barack Obama reported also to the public. He spoke out after the death of Floyd against continued racism and discrimination in Black. For millions of Americans even in the year 2020 “painful and crazy to be “normal” to be because of their skin color treated differently,” said Obama on Friday via Twitter. This was not the case in dealing with the health care system, with the judiciary, or even just Jogging or bird-Watching, Obama said, referring to cases that had recently caused quite a stir.

“This “may be in America in the year 2020,” normal”, Obama said, the act only rarely to current political issues. It was now the task of all Americans, but especially the security forces, to jointly create a new normal state, in the “the legacy of bigotry and inequality poisons our institutions, or our hearts”.

The word “racism” is not used in the Afro-American Obama, in his opinion. He related, but the English term “race” (race) as well as the expression of “bigotry” (fanaticism) that is used in the United States frequently, on the legacy of the racism point.


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