“Mask Singer”: jury, costumes… all the novelties of season 4


Mask Singer returns to TF1 this Tuesday, August 23 for a fourth season, just a few months after the previous edition which saw the victory of dancer Denitsa Ikonomova. And, for this new competition that is coming up, many new features await viewers. Starting with an almost entirely renewed jury.

The entertainment of TF1 is based on the investigations of four personalities whose mission is to unmask the costumed guests, after their performances on stage. To try to discover who is hiding behind the colorful disguises, we will find this year Kev Adams, the only survivor of the original jury. To succeed Alessandra Sublet, Anggun and Jarry, the production has opted for singer Vitaa, comedian Jeff Panacloc and actress Chantal Ladesou.

“From the first quarter of an hour, we thought it was a winning bet. We laugh just as much as before, we investigate even more,” producer Anthony Meunier told 20 Minutes. According to our colleagues, the faithful of the program should be surprised by the effectiveness of Jeff Panacloc in his investigations. “He has a talent close to that of imitators, that is to say that he prints voices, explains Anthony Meunier to TVMag. There he recognized people from the first note! Bluffing! It amused him a lot and he’s great on the show.”

This year, the investigators will have to unmask 12 candidates who have agreed to play the game. Two personalities will be eliminated per evening, one in the middle of the show and the other at the end. Two international stars will also participate in special evenings where their identity will be revealed. In the past, Mask Singer hosted American Desperate Housewives actress Terry Hatcher and star Seal.

The 12 candidates will be hidden behind ever more grandiose costumes. The production distilled some of the creations of this season: a baby, a Dalmatian, a sign, a pharaoh, a wedding dress, a gingerbread man or even a rose. “We really racked our brains to try to surprise with the costumes this season, that they are as scalable as possible. The novelty this year is that we have an edible costume”, announces the producer to TVMag .

After the release of the first clues about the baby, speculation is rife on social networks, as reported by Télé Star. Camille Combal, he assures 20 Minutes that the production avoided recruiting too many singing specialists: “The investigation would go much too quickly with singers, their voice is better known”.

To revive the mechanics of the game, the production imagined the arrival of a mysterious spy, instead of the crow. It will also be necessary to identify this personality. Guests will also be called to support the investigators for an evening. Finally, a character will join the competition along the way.

Season 4 of Mask Singer will be broadcast on Tuesday evening, as Koh-Lanta has previously been. A choice made by TF1. “It’s a more complicated box on weekdays for us, so I take it as a sign of confidence, in the sense that they send to this box the show they consider the most solid to bring together, even on weekdays, the more viewers,” said Anthony Meunier. Note that the program will face MasterChef, who signs his return to France 2.