The creatures of Mask Singer return to do the show. This August 23 is broadcast the fourth season of the program hosted by Camille Combal and produced by Hervé Hubert. With the success of the first three seasons (won by Laurence Boccolini, Larusso and Denitsa Ikonomova), TF1’s flagship game promises to be rich in new features this year.

On the jury side, only comedian Kev Adams has returned for a new season. The historical investigator of the game is joined this year by new accomplices: actress Chantal Ladesou, singer Vitaa and ventriloquist Jeff Panacloc (never without his faithful sidekick Jean-Marc). The four (or rather five) detectives will have the mission of discovering the identity of the 12 celebrities who slipped under the skin of a character. Without forgetting the exceptional arrival of 2 foreign stars and one-night investigators who will also put on a show on stage, for the time of a performance.

In Mask Singer, we are never safe from a surprise. Among the new masked stars is a survivor of season 3. Remember, during the first prime, a candidate was missing as host Camille Combal had announced. “He was injured the day of the premiere. Besides, we hoped to recover him along the way”, explains Anthony Meunier, the show’s producer, during the press conference last July.

Alas, the personality was forced to forfeit due to his injury. After a long convalescence, the star is now recovered, and therefore in the cast this season under the costume of the monkey. “It’s not Jean-Marc”, jokes the producer, referring to the puppet of Jeff Panacloc. A character who could offer incredible benefits during the show, according to the reactions of the production and the investigators. While waiting to discover his voice, here are the first clues to his identity (below).

As every year, intriguing and surprising characters will give voice to impress the investigators, the public and the television viewers. Like gingerbread, the bride, a big baby in her walker or even a pharaoh and a Dalmatian dressed up as a drag queen. Suffice to say that the show will be there, according to the many excerpts published on social networks.

If some candidates have nevertheless declined the invitation, others have done everything to join the show. “Each year, we have more and more people, even those who we don’t expect, who contact us, and so we are very happy about that”, is even surprised Anthony Meunier. Can you guess which stars are hiding under the masks? To your predictions!