Autonomous Driving – Mars-Mission or suicide mission?Mission to Mars they call Autonomous Driving at BMW. Others see it more as a sky travel command: Audi has placed the autopilot in the A8 on the ice, Daimler, Ford, and others, to adjourn the robot taxis. In an industry that is struggling to Survive, have space projects is not a priority. Joachim Becker3 Kommentare3Die policy is pushing for automation because 90 percent of all car accidents are due to human error. Photo: VW

The current crisis could accelerate the pace of change nevertheless, means of transport, which allow for physical distance, are experiencing a Revival. Younger generations discover the car as a roller, and the protection of space – even if you don’t want to go active. Not more, you need to supervise, soon, as long as you are the wizard of the next Generation permanently. With the driver as a fall-back level, the semi-automated Driving (Level 2+) makes no difficulty in the admission, and it benefits from the development effort for the cars without a steering Wheel. As of the end of the year, the assistants have to be highly connected, comfortable and secure like never before and remain affordable.

Tesla’s Autopilot, it has demonstrated: According to analyses made by the manufacturer, the accident risk is halved with the activated System. Provided that the driver remains attentive, even if he does not have to pluck in the USA is constantly on the steering Wheel. Here, as there, the policy pushes for a higher level of automation, because 90 percent of all accidents are due to human error. Last year, the EU-countries on emergency braking and Lane assist as the new Standard beginning in 2022, agreed. The affordable, camera-based life-saver should avoid until 2038 at least 25’000 fatalities and 140’000 seriously injured. However, the electronic gadget can be more than a pedestrian, a cyclist and an eighth markings.

500’000 Tesla to collect data

formerly assistant looking at systems like through a telescope on the world. An example of the tunnel vision, emergency braking wizard, the ignore the fact that the stopping distance with increasing cold is longer. Because they are not networked in the vehicle, you have no idea of the outside temperature, let alone of slippery roads, which is detected ahead-driving vehicles on its ESP anti-skid system. Also track holders, the stagger as if drunk, or cameras that detect speed limits unreliable, missing the well-kept exchange of information.

But no one spends a lot of money for wizards, which acknowledge in the event of fog, rain, or against the light the service. The systems need to be robust and learn from each other – about the car boundaries. Soon, the collective data gathered should be the driver of progress: For example, highly accurate maps that can be generated from the car swarm itself. Tesla is equipping its new cars already as standard with the autopilot, which is networked with the database of the manufacturer. “500’000 Tesla function as a neural network that continuously collects data and clients every 14 days, Updates with improved features,” says VW group chief Herbert Diess: “No other car manufacturer can today.”

present: the Cockpit of The Tesla Model 3 – with the steering Wheel.Photo: Tesla of the future: the Cockpit of The Tesla Model 3, without the steering Wheel.TeslaDer new VW Golf 8 in the Top Style design and equipment line standard using the “Travel Assist”.VWEine Hand on the steering Wheel is sufficient so that the Copilot in the new Golf 8 on motorways the Steering, acceleration and braking can take over.VWVolvo the Autonomous Driving beginning in 2022 on the roof-integrated Lidar Sensor.Volvo1 / 5

In six years, Tesla drivers have to put three billion kilometers with the activated System. But how big the advantage really is? Manufacturers such as BMW have 14 million connected vehicles on the streets, which also collect data and via Software Update over the air interface upgradable (from the operating system 7.0). Basically, a Central front camera with its wide field of view in order to understand much of the environment. You can conclude from the sequence of two-dimensional images to the third Dimension, and the objects are spatially precisely located. It’s all a question of computing power and the smart image recognition Software.

The world market leader in networked camera systems comes not from California or Germany, but from Israel: Mobileye has more than 50 million cars with camera computers to the environment recognition. Three years after the Takeover by the Chip-giant, Intel, and the growth at 50 percent per year. “We expect the equipment with driver assistance will triple systems by 2025, 75 percent of all new cars more than tripled,” says Erez Dagan, the Mobileye product and strategy. What started with exclusive Distance, cruise control is now a billion-dollar business for the masses.

New Golf relaxed on long journeys

The new VW Golf is, for example, in the Top Style design and equipment line standard with the “Travel Assist” (on the Basis of the Mobileye system) on-the-go. A controlling Hand on the Wheel is sufficient so that the co-pilot on the car, the Steering, acceleration and braking, and can take cars up to 210 km/h. Long distances, as fatigue can be unwinding, but the “Travel Assist” like cars, neither corners nor the urban bustle with traffic, traffic lights and crossing. Also the coarse satellite navigation system (GPS) is not sufficient, in the big city jungle. Two meters further to the right or to the left to make a big difference when you are standing on a turning lane or on the roadway.

Previously, experts assumed that automated cars need special, centimeter-accurate maps. Mobileye-in-chief Amnon Shashua realized early on that this car with a conventional measuring to only create exorbitant cost. Therefore, the Mobileye cameras record the road continuously. The most important image points are anonymized, transmitted to a Server. Meanwhile, 40 million vehicles will contribute to create high detailed maps for all continents. The cheap front camera works not only as a direct Sensor is, but on the back in the car, played cards, soon, as an indirect Sensor. Even in poor visibility conditions, can locate the vehicle via a camera and a Crowd-Sourcing map precise. Thus, Mobileye wants to avoid (just like Tesla) expensive extra sensors.

Volvo performs proud of its new Lidar Sensor that will be installed starting in 2022 above the windscreen as a narrow Band. The gain in safety by such a precision measuring device that works in any weather and even at night, is high. However, from the automation Level 3 is extremely powerful Central computer, as well as redundant systems for braking and steering will be due. It remains to be seen whether the more price is also expected for the majority of car buyers.

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