The wedding season is “officially” open. This Monday, March 20, 2023 is broadcast the program Married at first sight on M6. For this seventh edition, many changes have been made to the program which attracted an average of nearly 3 million viewers watching their television last year.

Among the major changes this year, a new expert is coming to the show. This is Gilbert Bou Jouadé, sexologist doctor and couples therapist, who replaces Pascal de Sutter (present since the first season). The health professional will work alongside Estelle Dossin, the program’s clinical psychologist, to train and support new couples towards marriage and their life together.

Who is this new expert really? Before taking part in the famous dating program on M6, Gilbert Bou Jouadé had a long career to his credit. In 2000, the doctor-sexologist founded the Association for the Development of Information and Research on Sexuality (ADIRS) and has written numerous books on the theme of the couple and sexuality.

On his LinkedIn profile, we learn that Gilbert Bou Jouadé practices in the Center for Studies and Treatments of Sexual and Couple Dysfunctions (which he also founded in 2014) where he works in his office in Lille. He is also “scientific director of digital clinics” for, an online platform for clients who want to consult to solve their daily intimate problems (sexuality, sleep and hair).

For the sexologist of the show on M6, “good sexual compatibility is an asset in the construction of the couple, one of the bases of flourishing coulours”, according to his portrait relayed by the channel. “Accompanying people in this incredible experience allows us to go much further than the framework of traditional consultations”.

However, Married at first sight is not the first TV experience for Gilbert Bou Jouadé. If his face is not unknown to some viewers, he was a columnist in Comment ça va bien (France 2) and also acts as a sexologist in Le Magazine de la santé hosted by Marina Carrère d’Encausse (France 5) and Les Pouvoirs phenomena of the human body with Michel Cymes and Adriana Karemebu (F rance 2). Before finding it on your screens, Planet reveals the portrait of the new expert in images below.