Do love and science go hand in hand? Monday June 5 ended season 7 of Married at first sight on M6. The opportunity for the last couples to take stock of their adventure with the experts Estelle Dossin and Gilbert Bou Jouadé after a month of marriage.

This year, several unions have been formed through science for better and for worse. Between joy, happiness, but also pain and disappointment, these voluntary singles agreed to get married without knowing each other in Gibraltar, surrounded by their friends and families, sometimes refractory to the experience. After the emotion of the wedding and the wedding night, the dream continued on a daily basis for some couples, while others saw their idyll turned into a nightmare.

Among the couples in season 7 of Married at first sight, Jessica and Pascal (77% compatible) failed to save their couple. Between the two bodybuilding enthusiasts, love did not seem to be there. However, they established a beautiful friendship and remained on good terms at the end of the balance sheet.

Same observation for Maurine and Benjamin (yet 82% compatible). The Spanish teacher and the nurse from the south seemed to be made for each other. But, after their honeymoon in Morocco, the daily routine separated the two lovebirds who chose to divorce.

Unprecedented fact to note this season: Laura and Anthony (77% compatible) could not get married in Gibraltar due to the health concerns of the 28-year-old young woman. But, they had the opportunity to meet over a drink to formalize the event. However, love has worked wonders for other couples.

Like Anabel and Fabrice (79% compatible), who swam happily during the adventure. Despite the geographical distance, the couple chose to stay together after the end of filming. Same result for Léa and Emanuel (united by love at 81%) whose romance fascinated the faithful of the program, from their honeymoon in a van to the meeting between their respective children.

For Estelle and Maximilien (80% compatible), the household experienced ups and downs during filming. If love was in good shape between them, the doubts of Estelle’s father and the tensions within the couple almost ruined their union. While Pedro and Jefferson, the first couple of married men on the show, continued their story even if the 40-year-old Parisian could not project themselves into a future together.

Which couples managed to keep the flame alive after filming? Which duos have drawn a final line in their union? Planet took a look at the candidates’ social networks: we tell you everything.