They said yes in front of millions of witnesses. Since the first season in 2016, the program Married at first sight has seen the birth of the most beautiful love stories on M6. Under the watchful eye of the experts who formed these couples “thanks to their romantic compatibility”, several single people found the shoe that suited them and lived happily…

For better and for worse ! Like in fairy tales, some couples couldn’t resist the honeymoon. Others have flowed from happy days together, but the return to the daily grind has been complicated to manage. While many of them preferred to end their marriage, a handful of lucky ones still live together today. Planet comes back in pictures on the flagship duos and gives you their news.

In 2019, Charline and Vivien participated in the third season of Married at first sight on M6. With love compatibility reaching 78%, they say “I do” to their friends and families at the town hall of Gans. After their romantic honeymoon, their love at first sight was confirmed over the course of the experience. They were the only couple to have continued the adventure after the show.

Since their passage in Married at first sight, Charline and Vivien are happier than ever in Toulouse in the south of France. They have become parents to a 2-year-old girl named Victoire and share their daily life with their fans on social networks.

In 2021, it was Laure and Matthieu who said “yes” to each other at first sight during season 5 on M6. With a love compatibility estimated at 79%, the couple had a complicated start, in particular the young groom who seemed troubled by his wife. Over the episodes, they got to know each other and found many things in common.

But, the couple created the event in the history of Married at first sight. During this incredible experience, Laure and Matthieu announced that they were expecting their first child. A pregnancy that they carried to term, hand in hand, after the end of the season. “It was a beautiful unexpected”, laughed the husband of Laure with Planet. “We talked a lot, we weighed the pros and cons. In the end, we said to ourselves that if it were to happen, then it was the right time”.

Parents of a little Lya, born on August 24, 2021, Laure and Matthieu are living happy days in the countryside. Between them, it’s always mad love and they also participated together in the Best Pastry Chef: celebrities in January 2023 on Gulli.

In 2022, Alicia and Bruno fell in love with each other in the sixth season of Married at first sight. Between the pretty candidate damaged by life and the shy dark brown, love at first sight was obvious. The newlyweds lived incredible moments during their honeymoon and they continued the adventure together after the end of the program.

Very popular on Instagram, Bruno and Alicia are active on social networks where they share their life as a couple with their fans. The newlyweds still live in the south of France where they moved in together and are happier than ever.

This same season in 2022, this other couple made the hearts of Married at first sight fans beat on M6. Pauline was desperate to find love while Damien had signed up for the show without suspecting that his parents had also taken steps for him. When they met under the Gibraltar sun, the couple said yes in front of their two families.

Since the show, Pauline and Damien have always been spinning the perfect love and are preparing to start their family. On the evening of December 24, the couple announced they were expecting their first child to their fans on Instagram in a sublime video posted on the social network. A little girl who should be born this spring (in April) during the broadcast of season 7 of Married at first sight.