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resim 625

Photos that have caused a lot of ink to flow. The Secretary of State for the Social and Solidarity Economy and Associative Life, Marlène Schiappa, gave an interview and posed for the charming magazine Playboy in the April/June 2023 issue.

At the beginning of April, this had led to strong reactions on the web from many Internet users, from the opposition but also from the Prime Minister herself. Indeed, according to the information revealed by our colleagues from BFMTV on Saturday April 1, 2023, Elisabeth Borne spoke by telephone with the Secretary of State. According to the entourage of the head of government, she would then have declared that this interview “was not appropriate, a fortiori in the period”.

Faced with criticism, Marlène Schiappa had spoken to defend herself on the social network Twitter: “Defending the right of women to dispose of their bodies is everywhere and all the time. In France, women are free. Don’t against the backsliders and the hypocrites.”

But in the corridors of the Elysée, this case disturbs. All the more so when it is coupled with recurring controversial speeches in the media or other more burning issues, such as the Marianne fund affair. Created to fight against separatism after the death of Samuel Paty, this fund is the subject of a judicial investigation opened on May 4 for “misappropriation of public funds by negligence”, “breach of trust” and “illegal taking of interests”.

Thus, the place of the Secretary of State now seems more threatened than ever.

According to the information revealed by the Canard Enchaîné, Marlène Schiappa would now be in the hot seat and her days in the government would be numbered. Indeed, a source close to the Elysée told our colleagues that the Secretary of State would have “worsened her case” by posing for the cover of Playboy. The source even clarified that she “can’t stay” in government after this case.

But Marlène Schiappa would not be the only one to see her position threatened. In the corridors of the Elysée, the name of our minister is circulating actively.

Isabelle Rome, Minister Delegate in charge of Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, would also be on the way to departure according to the revelations of our colleagues.

When Playboy magazine was released, the latter strongly criticized Marlène Schiappa, saying “defending women’s rights in Playboy would amount to fighting anti-Semitism by giving an interview to Rivarol”.

As explained by Midi Libre, the interested party would then have replied to him by SMS: “Not having notoriety, it does not matter in politics. Not having concrete action, already more. Not having guts, more. You’re just a second-hand purse. Find the courage to call me back instead of talking behind my back.”