It’s been almost a few years since Miss France 2013 alias Marine Lorphelin moved to New Caledonia, the archipelago where her fiancé Christophe resides. If the 30-year-old young woman has the leisure to enjoy the beauty of the island, she does not forget that she lives there as a general practitioner.

“I get up with the sun because the days start early: 7 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. and I finish around 6 p.m. on average. I do replacements in several practices on the island and I really like it! I was well received by my colleagues but also by the patients, who are quite warm. Working in the sun, that changes everything … morale is good even when the days are long, “she explained to our colleagues from Dauphiné.

A rhythm of life very different from the hexagon since on the archipelago, restaurants and bars are always open. “At the beginning, I had trouble kissing people, shaking hands, accepting closeness… We had been conditioned for so many months that it seemed inconceivable! But what a joy to return to a normal life, we had almost forgotten what freedom looks like. Caledonians live a bit in “a golden prison”: impossible to travel but on the spot, it’s paradise”, she also explained.

Planet invites you to discover his new dream life in New Caledonia.