A Robin Hood who has made his way brilliantly. Marina Foïs began her career in the 1990s with Jean-Paul Rouve’s famous troupe. The following decade, she chained the roles in the cinema, evolving between the comic and dramatic registers. A long career during which the fifties was confronted with the gaze of the public and the media.

Flagship face and popular with fans, Marina Foïs admits, however, that she is not to her advantage. In an interview for the show Hot Ones, broadcast on July 11 on YouTube, the famous actress confided her discomfort in the face of comedian Kyan Khojandi. “I don’t have a quiet relationship with myself. Right now, for example, I find myself horrible! Horrible! I hate my face! But that doesn’t stop me from coming.”

If the actress very often attracts attention thanks to her beautiful physical appearance, she admits, however, that she is not comfortable with her inner beauty. “I experienced things, a relationship with my body which is something very commonplace in the life of a young woman, of a young girl who will also decide to do an image job”, before confessing further that she sometimes uses retouching on the photos. “On the other hand, I believe that in photography, I do Photoshop. When there is a disgusting little thing, suddenly, we are not obliged to keep it. In addition, a frozen image, it is much more brutal than when ‘we are on the move, so we have the right to fake it a little bit”.

The former mistress of ceremonies for the 2021 Césars does not hesitate to change her appearance over the course of her career, both for magazines and for film roles. Renowned for her mid-length blonde hair, Marina Foïs has already experienced a few misadventures As evidenced by her recent cover of Marie Claire where she adopted the brown pixie cut for the film As Bestas, according to a request from the Spanish filmmaker Rodrigo Sorogoyen.

“I would have said yes to everything, but I still cried a lot. Knowing that it was ridiculous to cry. I love my job, I wouldn’t do anything else, but lend my body to someone. one for three months is not nothing”, recalls the actress. For the occasion, back in pictures on her hair evolution through our slideshow.