Marilou Berry: the grossophobic remarks she faced on a set


Grossophobia is a social problem in its own right that many men and women are paying the price for today. This time, it is the actress Marilou Berry who spoke on this subject, denouncing the discriminatory actions of which she was the victim.

On Friday July 29, 2022 on Instagram, Josiane Balasko’s daughter took the floor to highlight the comments made by a director, whose name she kept silent, about her. “On this shoot, the director thought I was too fat,” she wrote on her story. “She asked to lengthen my skirts by 15cm because she didn’t like my knees, asked me to smile without showing my teeth or not to move my eyebrows, because it was not pretty, asked to hide my cleavage so I don’t see those nasty stretch marks,” she continued.

These words can be very difficult to assume, but Marilou Berry did not let herself be defeated. In this same post, she takes the opportunity to give a message of courage for all those who, like her, could be victims of inappropriate behavior. “At barely 30 years old, I had the audacity not to believe her and to do as I wanted… Never let anyone diminish you”, she concludes, adding the hashtag

This is not the first time that the actress has spoken on a subject like this. Indeed, in January 2022, she had denounced in the columns of L’Humanité the requests that had been made to her during the filming of the first season of I promise you. “In season 1, the production wanted me to be really fat and wear prosthetics. I refused. Because if they wanted a fatter actress, they had to hire a fatter actress. Period”, had– she stated at the time.