A real family of artists. Born on February 1, 1983, Marilou Berry is the daughter of actress Josiane Balasko and sculptor Philippe Berry, who died in May 2019. She is also the niece of actor Richard Berry and the cousin of actress Joséphine Berry. From an early age, she was immersed in the artistic world and also dreamed of evolving in this same field.

After a first appearance in the comedy My life is a hell in the company of her mother and her uncle in 1991, Marilou Berry chained the roles in the cinema before being revealed in the film Our happy days with Jean-Paul Rouve and Omar Sy in 2006. Also evolving on stage, she received the same year the Molière for the theatrical revelation for the play Toc toc directed by Laurent Baffie.

If comedy is her playground, Marilou Berry has also distinguished herself in several leading roles such as Vilaine (2008), Joséphine (2013) and The New Adventures of Cinderella (2017). Before moving on to directing his first films such as Josephine rounds up (2016) and When we cry to the wolf (2019).

A last landmark film for the actress, at the time pregnant with her first child during filming (a boy named Andy, born in November 2018). In a relationship with her spouse Alexis, an artist nicknamed “Le Diamantaire”, they form a united family on social networks. Followed by 159,000 subscribers on Instagram, the star likes to dive into family memories, between moments of nostalgia and unmentionable files with her adoptive brother Rudy.

While her famous mother finds Gérard Jugnot in My heroes, Eric Besnard’s film broadcast this Monday March 27 on France 3, Marilou Berry returns in season 3 of I promise you on April 3 on TF1. In the meantime, the actress has yet chosen to put her career on hold, as she admitted this week in Téléstar. “I decided to take six months off and be in ‘slow life’, to take advantage of my son, of all these short moments which pass very quickly. I appreciate this life a little calmer”, according to comments cited in particular by Télé-Loisirs.

The opportunity for the daughter of the late Philippe Berry to put her life in order. “I also sorted and tidied up my father’s enormous workshop which was filled with thirty years of life”. Faced with our colleagues, the mother of the family took the opportunity to use her time to take on new challenges. “I also learned to make carpets. And I gave myself ten years to learn to play the guitar”. Planet invites you to discover its most beautiful family photos in our slideshow.