The presenter of the TF1 television news has suffered a serious health problem. At the end of 2021, the successor of Jean-Pierre Pernaut was absent from the sets of TF1 following a very rare eye infection. “Hello everyone. I was looking forward to meeting you tomorrow and wishing you a very happy new year live at 1 p.m…. But a medical problem will prevent me from joining you. (…) It’s an ophthalmological problem “, she explained on Twitter.

A few months after her withdrawal from the JT, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau had returned in more detail to her illness in the columns of Parisian. We learned in particular that she was the victim of amoebic keratitis, an “infection of the cornea by amoebae, parasites present in tap water”. For almost two months, the journalist had to “rehabilitate” her eye in the light. “Initially I wore sunglasses then I started to take them off”.

An infection that was very painful, as she explained later. “You feel like you have gravel or pieces of glass in your eye. It scratches constantly and it causes pain that goes up in your head and down in your teeth,” she explained to our colleagues. and to add: “The specialist who followed me used to say that some pain can be up to 40 times that of a toothache. We don’t ask questions, we wait for it to get better “.

Today, the 47-year-old star seems to be doing much better. This November 21, 2022, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau appeared resplendent during the ceremony of the Prix de la Femme d’Influence 2022.