For a few months, she was the new queen of 13 Hours before mysteriously disappearing from the TF1 newscast. Marie-Sophie Laccarrau, freshly landed from France 2 to take over from Jean-Pierre Pernaut, had to put her television career on hold following an infection in her right eye. “Amoebic keratitis. It is an infection of the cornea by amoebae, parasites present in tap water,” she told Le Parisien.

“During my 4 and a half months of absence, I waited to resume a normal life and my work. I had no choice: I had to take care of myself. When you are hit by such an ordeal, it cuts the legs and either we dive or we bounce higher” she told our colleagues. The journalist “lived in the dark for two months, curtains drawn” in order to treat her right eye. “I couldn’t even read or listen to music which gave me headaches. You stay in bed, on your sofa a lot and you learn to be bored”.

Today, the presenter seems to be doing better, as proof, she will resume service on May 16, 2022.

Attentive to feedback from viewers, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau defines her style as “rather simple, warm” and “a lot of empathy”. However, the presenter assures that she has not changed her way of embodying the news since her departure from public service. “I stay myself, I don’t change on the air. Maybe I’m in an even more direct relationship with the viewer,” she explained to our colleagues.

With this new media notoriety, the journalist who suffered a major technical bug last February remains a personality who illustrates with an elegant and feminine style on each newscast. Asked in the Women of TV podcast (by Télé-Loisirs), Marie-Sophie Lacarrau reveals to be a fan of stiletto heels. “I wear them because I wear them all the time, because I like them and I find them feminine. I don’t want to erase that!”, She confides to our colleagues, adding. “I like clothes, fashion, high heels. Why would I change on the air? That’s where I won’t be me anymore, and that’s where I’ll cheat, I don’t want to to cheat”.

Present on social networks, the former host of Prodigies does not hesitate to share behind the scenes of her work, as well as her most beautiful outfits on television. Planet offers you an anthology of its best looks in the slideshow above.