The choice of first name is a subject that can sometimes be debated. If some people prefer the first names they find the most beautiful, others will tend to want to find a more original first name.

For some people, naming their child can also be a way of honoring a loved one. It can also be a historical reference by giving, for example, the name of a character that we admire and who inspires us.

Despite everything, if the process of selecting first names differs from one parent to another, we observe trends every year: the same first name has been given many times.

Each year, INSEE publishes the list of the most popular first names. Here is the one for 2021.

Girls names:

Boys names:

It is often said that fashion is a cycle, and this is sometimes true for old names that come back into fashion.

Find out in our slideshow if your first name is one of the fashionable ones or if it is “old-fashioned” today.