Since 2009, Marie-Ange Casalta, Nathalie Renoux’s joker on the M6 ​​newscast, has been married to a producer named Romuald Boulanger. Director and screenwriter, he is the creator of the comedy series Bob Ghetto. The couple had worked in 2016 on the film Mother and Daughter: California Dream. In 2014, the lovers became parents for the first time to a boy named James.

In February 2014, the young woman confided in her pregnancy. “I’m in great shape! I’m entering my sixth month of pregnancy with serenity. I haven’t been sick for a single moment. Neither nausea nor bouts of fatigue. I even wondered if it was normal not to have any symptom. I was almost disappointed!” not have recourse to an epidural. If I had been able, I would have liked to give birth at home. But as this is my first pregnancy, I was advised against doing so. It will be for the next time!” . In June 2016, Marie-Ange Casalta announced that she was pregnant with her second child. On September 10 of the same year, she gave birth to a second boy, Noé.

In an interview with Magicmaman, Marie-Ange Casalta mentioned the names of her two sons. “I have always loved James and the name Gabriel too. During my first pregnancy, I was offered a book of names. When I saw that Gabriel was one of the most popular names, I gave up. (…) James was to be called James-Gabriel (…) He was not for the original compound first name, so I told him “we put it in the middle name”. had to tell everyone that our baby was only called “James”.

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