Since September 9, dancers and celebrities have been competing on the floor of the show Dancing with the Stars on TF1. For this new edition, new judges have appeared. Singer Bilal Hassani and former star dancer at the Paris Opera Marie-Agnès Gillot took their first step alongside choreographer Chris Marques (juror since season 1) and star dancer François Alu.

A new adventure for Marie-Agnès Gillot who finally agreed to participate in the program, after several years of solicitations from TF1. “They had been chasing me for seven years. I accepted, because I thought it was good in my life, I was mature enough, that I had enough perspective to take on the shoulders this position of judge which is not that easy,” she told us. A task which is not so simple as she later recalled: “You have to be impartial and above all, I judge amateurs so inevitably, I have to put myself in the place of amateurs. It’s not easy. In pro, we go much harder”.

A program to which the dancer attaches a certain nostalgia. “My mother was a fan of this show and suddenly, it’s memories that I have with my mother. As she disappeared, it is also an affect side in my position as a judge”. Memories that the new judge of Dancing with the stars also recounts in her autobiography entitled Sortir du cadre, to be published on September 29 at Chez Gründ.

In this book, the artist talks about her childhood, her dramas and her passion for dance, while revealing several snapshots when she was little. A desire to tell for his son. “I lost my whole family in 13 months, my four parents: my uncle, my mother, my father and my stepfather. I found myself the last of the Mohicans. something… He has no idea what I did”.