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The perfect medical control of the coronavirus made for the Real Madrid has allowed the positive detected in Mariano has not affected the other twenty-four players from the League champion. Men Zidane had seven days of vacation and the return of the rest stayed in their homes to undergo, yesterday, to the control of the Covid-19 that required by UEFA.

The decision of the club was very smart, because the professionals came twenty-five different destinations, had been related to dozens of people and could not meet together in a workout without knowing your state.

First they had to submit to surveillance of the Covid-19. A success.

Marian0 was positive. The result was known last night. And not train today with his teammates, who can work without any problem in the objective of overcoming the 1-2 Manchester City at the Bernabeu, because they have not had contact with Marian. is Real Madrid confirmed that the front was affected . Bad luck. Is in good health and now must undergo several controls until you get the negative and the return to normality.

The rest of the players are perfect to attempt the feat in Manchester. What has happened puts in value the fantastic protocol for Real Madrid. The doctor was Mihic, head of the medical services, he decided that the tests of all the team first to perform individually in their respective homes. That is to say , impossible to contact prior or after to know the results.

We can imagine that would happen today, if yesterday, as the other clubs, we would have quoted to all the players and technical staff in Valdebebas to make the tests. This is a success doctor of forecasting .

Marian will remain isolated in his home. Will pass tests periodically. Your participation in the second round of the Champions league is, of course, ruled out.

Real Madrid have returned this week to training with an eye on the return of the Champions league .

As has been able to find ABC, has not existed contact between Mariano and the other players so that the rest of the staff was able to train today with total normality. This is because the hispanic player-the dominican republic was away from the group last night and they went to Valdebebas.