A Walloon woman was in the home of her brother, but has the right to sell it. They can reduce the inheritance tax does not pay for it. “There is no reference to the bankbriefjes,” says the woman at the RTL.

for example, If you inherit, you will have estate taxes to pay for it. How much of those entitlements depends on the value of the property and how far are you related to the deceased. According to RTL, this leads to the state of approximately 2.5 billion euros. A charge that is often unjustly considered to be. Also, Marianne reacts in agony and now they are in the home of her brother and forced to hand over. “I’m going to sell the house, as it should be. I don’t bankbiljettenfabriekje in the basement. For this reason, I am obliged to sell to the gift tax to be paid”, says RTL.

The estate taxes on the premises in question amount to 105.000 euros, more than half of it . A shame, as is Engagement. “I’m furious,” she said, still in RTL. “Like all Belgians, I don’t like to pay taxes. I am well aware of the fact that they are a necessary evil. I would like to pay them for political reasons. But this is really all about.”