Whether in the way of dressing, hair, make-up, or decorating one’s apartment or house, vintage has become the new fashion of the moment, even going so far as to relaunch the trendy first names of the years. 1900.

Fashion being immortal, everything that was considered old until recently is becoming fashionable again today, with some young people even thinking that they are new.

Each generation has known so-called “trendy” first names. With the fashion for vintage, many parents decide to give their children first names from older generations. In 2023, we can therefore find in children’s toy stores (or in keychain stands for example) lots of objects with first names like Marcel, Suzanne, Augustin, and many others.

When choosing the name of their child, parents often have a hard time making this decision. If this is your case at the moment, you can directly turn to a rather “old-school” first name, because today, they rise strongly in the list of those most given (whether for granddaughters or little boys). On the other hand, the first names most given in the years 1990-2000 are in full free fall.

We list for you the names that are all the rage at the moment: