A united and discreet family. Since 2013, journalist and producer Marc-Olivier Fogiel has been married to photographer François Roelants in a union celebrated by Bertrand Delanoë at the town hall of Paris. A strong and symbolic event for the couple of men after the adoption the same year of marriage for all.

After almost 10 years of love, Marc-Olivier Fogiel and François Roelants are happier than ever. A happiness filled by the birth of their two daughters Mila and Lily, born in 2011 and 2013 by surrogate mothers (or surrogacy) in the United States. From this long fight to become fathers and found their home, the fifty-year-old producer and the photographer have testified to their story.

In his book What is my family?, published in 2018 by Grasset, the author and producer returned to this long journey. Evoking their births and their life as a four, or even the difficulties of registering their names in the family book, Marc-Olivier Fogiel opens up. “Today I am married, a father and fulfilled: it is this victory over the impossible that I wanted to tell”, testifies the general manager of BFM TV, according to the words for Paris Match.

While their story was even adapted for the screen on France 2 last May, Marc-Olivier Fogiel revealed how he organizes himself to reconcile professional and personal life. “In the morning, most of the time, I’m the one who takes the girls to school, rather than welcoming the political guests of the channel. And every evening, I try to be there to put them to bed. ..”, he assures our colleagues. Despite an overloaded schedule, the husband of François Roelants intends to share the most family moments with his offspring. “I think I’m better off than a lot of other dads, but when we’re with the family, I enjoy every moment.”

As evidenced by the many photos that the journalist shares on his Instagram page, taking care to keep the identity of Lily and Mila secret. Moments with family or lovers, from holidays to back to school, discover their photo album in the slideshow.