Marc-Olivier Fogiel is a leading animator on the small screen. Revealed in the 90s on Canal, the journalist’s television career took off when he landed on France 3 in 2000 with his weekly talk show We can’t please everyone in which he does not spare his guests, and this for six seasons.

After a stint on M6 and a break between 2011 and 2015, Marc-Olivier Fogiel returns to television by resuming the presentation of Le Divan, a cult program on France 3 created by Henry Chapier in which a personality answers questions about his career. and her private life, lying on a couch. In April 2019, Marc-Olivier Fogiel was forced to stop presenting the show after accepting the position of general manager of BFMTV. Since then, he has not appeared on the air. At the end of last August, he mentioned for the first time the possibility of a return to a TV set…

On August 21, Marc-Olivier Fogiel gave an interview for Le Parisien to discuss the return to BFMTV. For the first time, he is considering a possible return to the camera. However, he confides that he does not miss the antenna and that he has prohibited himself from “mixing genres” since he has held the position of general manager of the continuous news channel.

However, the CEO of Altice Media (group owning BFMTV), Arthur Dreyfuss, made him change his mind. “He asked me not to forbid it anymore. I could therefore be brought to do the antenna very punctually, for interviews,’ he explains. “It will only be done if the opportunity arises. present and if it is the best solution for the channel”, concludes the journalist, while ensuring that BFMTV is already full of enough talent to occupy the antenna.