The 135,000 votes have been counted and the people have spoken. Now it’s up to the jury to be the best cafés in each and every province, to visit, and one of them is to give to the ” Best Café of the in Flanders’. However, for the time being, you can get in the map below, to see what the cafe for our election in your municipality is already won.

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More than 135,000 people of Flemish people voted for The Newspaper , in their favorite coffee shop. Those votes are counted, and thus, we can view the results for each local authority for. Enter the name of your town in the search bar and look at the results for your town on the map.

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you can Even become one of the winners springing up some of the bars clear out. Which bars are allowed to feel proud “provinciewinnaar call. Please read the provincietitel on hold to drag it.

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the Best Café of the in Flanders By 2019 – So as to tap the perfect pint
find out More about the Best Café in The Stag for the first time and it is a straight bar of Kortrijk, This bar was made there almost never has been: “My wife passed away at the restoration, when I was thinking of moving out” At the Waaiken already for the fifth year in a row been voted the Best café in Dilbeek Cafe, without tap connecting the generations: “including a sprinkling or two, and look at their work together at the bar”