Bruges (brugge) –

A 56-year-old city of Bruges, a woman risks the period of twelve months in prison for stealing from an elderly woman who, as she mantelzorgster friendly. While the victim, after falling into a coma, was raided) c) d) to her account with her debit card.

The need of the victim from the Bases, got the assistance of two caretakers, a man who, in her car rondvoerde and the defendant, C. D., (55) which of the household chores accomplished. On the 6th of June 2018 and it came with the 69-year-old lady, a heavy fall, and was rushed to the hospital, where they will swiftly be in a coma. The day after the fall, looked for the stepson of the victim’s motorcycle from the C. D. to the house of his step-mother standing there. He rang the doorbell, and when the C. D. came to open it, to see if mantelzorgster had a key a few months, he start the way to go. The co-matelzorger, C. D., declared afterwards that there was an envelope with 500 euros, a bank card and a gold watch were stolen in the dwelling-house. The card was around 700 euro’s, etc.

at This, the stepson filed a complaint against C. D., Who denied the theft, in any language, even when they are confronted with the surveillance video from the bank where the money was being achieved. “I had to use my own accounts to settle”, claimed she. The public prosecutor’s office attaches, there is no faith, and it requires a twelve months in prison for C. D., who has a clean criminal record and has, in the past, but all of loondiefstal were were. The file is then closed.

According to her lawyer, confessed to the C. D. geldafhaling now. “The theft of the watch and the envelope with the money, denies that they are still under pressure. Out of the statements of the employees, there is no evidence at all that the watch and the money in the house were.” The defence counsel asked for the favor of the waiver for his client, who is not present at the trial. “They saw the victim, a mother, and afraid to be here today, doesn’t have to be,” said the attorney for C. D., The victim died four months after the crash. The decision will follow on the 21st of October.