In the suit filed in federal court in Los Angeles,” Bianco claims that Manson violated human trafficking regulation by bringing to California from England under the false pretenses of functions in music videos and films which never materialized.

The suit alleges that in 2009, Manson, whose legal name is Brian Warner, flew Bianco into Los Angeles to take a video for the tune,”I wish to kill you like they do at the films.”

The lawsuit states that Bianco was expected to remain in Manson’s home rather than the resort where she was reserved, and there was no team, just Manson himself shooting a telephone.

Manson deprived Bianco of sleep and food though gave her alcohol and medication, locked her into a sack, whipped her, gave her electric shocks, tried to induce her to have sex with another girl and threatened to put in her room and kiss her through the night, the lawsuit alleges. No movie was released.

To be clear, this lawsuit was just filed after my customer refused to be calmed down from Ms. Bianco along with her attorney and give into their own outrageous financial needs based on behavior that just never happened. We’ll vigorously contest these allegations in court and are convinced that we’ll prevail.”

Manson and Bianco started a longstanding relationship afterwards in 2009, the lawsuit says.

Manson again attracted Bianco into Los Angeles in 2011, apparently to look in his feature film”Phantasmagoria,” though that job also never prevailed.

During that trip, Manson wouldn’t let Bianco to leave house without his consent, chased her about their flat having an ax, cut her with a”Nazi knife” with no permission and photographed the cuts posted the images on the internet, too without her permission, the suit alleges.

“It required Ms. Bianco decades to comprehend the area of Mr. Warner’s physical, sexual, emotional, and emotional abuse. Her career suffered on account of the deterioration of her mental wellbeing,” the lawsuit says. “She copes with complicated Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, and anxiety attacks to the day consequently.”

Even the Associated Press generally doesn’t identify individuals who state they’ve been sexually assaulted, but Bianco explained in a statement that she’s coming forward openly to broadcast her allegations with hopes others will do exactly the same.

The lawsuit stated that in the moment, Bianco feared for her safety when she did not comply with Manson’s requirements, also didn’t go to police. However, her lawyer Jay D. Ellwanger stated she’s come forward and talked to the FBI and local law enforcement.

Bianco first aired a number of the allegations in February. She had been among many girls who talked after celebrity Evan Rachel Wood stated on societal websites which Manson sexually, emotionally and physically abused her throughout their relationship. Manson’s record label and representatives dropped him at the moment.

In reaction to the allegations in February, Manson composed on Instagram they had been”dreadful distortions of truth. My romantic relationships happen to be completely consensual with like-minded spouses. Irrespective of the way — and why — many others are currently deciding to misrepresent the past, that’s the reality.”

Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives also stated in February that they had been exploring domestic violence allegations against Manson relationship from 2009 to 2011 in West Hollywood. They didn’t recognize the girl who made the report.