Manslaughter: arrest warrant for suspects after fatal train crash


    After the death of two teenagers at an S-train station in Nuremberg arrest warrant for manslaughter against two 17-Year-old adopted. At the request of the public Prosecutor, an investigating judge on Sunday issued the warrant of arrest against the two arrested suspects, as the police Bureau agent told Swiss francs. The two victims were caught in the course of a dispute in the night to Saturday on the tracks and a train was run over.

    In the case of the death of the victims, according to police, two 16-Year-old from the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt. Another 16-year-old pupil, also rushed to the track bed remained, according to the police, unharmed. He was able to bring in time in front of the approaching train in safety.

    The police reported there had been between several people on the platform at the train station, Frank stadium to a dispute. What exactly happened and how the three young people on the tracks were, remained unclear. Also on the possible Background to the conflict, the investigators provided no information. The accident occurred a number of people were on the platform.