With the help of a few co-stars, the singer and actor put on an impressive show.

Mandy Moore can sing great, even when she isn’t actually singing.

The “This Is Us” star took part in the Celine Dion TikiKk challenge in which people had to lip-sync her 1996 smash “It’s all Coming Back To Me Now”.

The video was posted to her Instagram account Wednesday. Moore appears as an older Rebecca from “This Is Us,” with Sterling K. Brown and Jon Huertas lending a hand.

She captioned this video: “When you call grace to make a @tiktok…

Moore is seen on a couch, lip-syncing to the track. Huertas is to her right, looking at Moore, and Brown to her left, apparently too distracted by a John Grisham novel to pay any attention to what she’s doing.

They all rise just before the chorus and Huertas, Brown, and Moore take off Moore’s cardigan sweater and expose her sleevesless shirt underneath.

Moore grabs a microphone and Huertas supports her with money. Brown shines lights on the stage to make it seem like Moore is a diva performing at concerts.

The electric performance of the trio won raves from all fans, including members of the “This Is Us” family.

The show’s account stated that “it’s all coming back”

“When Mandy is Celine incarnate, who needs to eat?” Huertas agreed.

Isaac Aptaker, co-showrunner of “This Is Us,” wrote “Oh great! Now we need a plan for the final scene of the series.”


“Dead. “Worth EVERY penny,” said Caitlin Thompson who plays Madison in the hit NBC drama.

Moore posted images of her nursing son August last summer while dressing up as older Rebecca. She has also been known to have fun dressed up as the Pearson’s older matriarch.

She joined her castmates in February 2020 when they participated in the “Smeeze” dance challenge, which was very popular on TikTok. The cast performed the “Out West” dance a few weeks later.

The final season of “This Is Us”, which will air next Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST, on NBC, lets you see if the cast is still making beautiful music together.