Last Thursday, Santé Publique France communicated the results of its survey carried out in mid-September. It’s proven: respect for barrier gestures has drastically decreased since the start of the pandemic, even in the presence of symptoms, as reported by L’Internaute.

The Committee for Monitoring and Anticipating Health Risks (COVARS), successor to the Scientific Council, has also recommended wearing a mask in populated places, as a “civic gesture”, to the French. For now, the committee is sticking to incitement, but is already considering a potential return of the mandatory mask.

The president of COVARS, Brigitte Autran indeed declared last week on the set of RMC that “we are in an ascending phase”. The authorities declaring the wearing of a mask as “highly recommended” are multiplying: stations, airports, or even public transport in certain cities.

François Braun, Minister of Health, also spoke on this subject on Tuesday, October 4, on RTL. He says he wants to “trust the French”, and supports Brigitte Autran’s recommendation. The return of the wearing of the compulsory mask is therefore not on the agenda, but the minister nevertheless underlines that he “does not forbid himself anything”, that everything remains on the table. As cases soar across the country, will the government take the plunge?

Le Monde notes a 43% increase in the number of cases over the last 14 days. The incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants is greater than 800 in a total of 13 departments, according to the Public Health website. Planet lists them below, so read on to find out if you should be particularly concerned with the recommendations from the COVARS chair and the health minister.