Sint-Truiden –

The board of directors of Punch Powertrain in Sint-Truiden, belgium, has a special works council for a further 120 redundancies have been announced. In total, as of 308 employees have been dismissed. That confirms the metalworkers ‘ union, ACV-CSC Metea in There.

The 120-fired – 32 of the workers, and 88 employees in the R&D department and the support services.

“The last lap was just in the production, so we know that there are also, among the employees discharged were excluded. That brings the total to 308, with layoffs,” says Nadia, Gueroui, ACV-CSC Metea. “Now it’s up to us to see if we have those numbers reduced.”

as Previously announced, the board of management and all the plans for collective redundancy on the 172 workers, 16 white-collar employees in the Operations department. Currently at Punch Powertrain in Sint-Truiden, belgium, 1.008 people, of whom 473 workers, and 535 employees.

At Punch Powertrain in Sint-Truiden, belgium, will be transmissions will be made.