Brussels –

The court of first instance of Brussels, the 36-year-old Cedric, V. R., and sentenced to a prison sentence of 8 years and a provision of 5 years for the attempted murder. In november of 2018, he threw his three-month-old daughter, with full power to the ground because she was crying. The girl spent a long time in the intensive care unit of the hospital but is now recovering. About ten years ago, it was a similar incident the worse for V. R., I was struck by his six-month-old son to death after they cried for a while, playing a video game.

In the summer of 2008 hit Cedric V. R., took a six-month-old son, with his fist in the back of my mind, because the boy was crying while he was in a computer game to play. The child died from the effects of a stroke. Only a couple of months ago and was V. been picked up, because he is his friend, and the baby had been ill-treated. The Antwerp court of first instance, sentenced him in 2011 in absentia to ten years in prison, a sentence that was later reduced to nine years in prison. To be a part of for nine years, was Emilio Q. R. from the base, and the rest with an ankle bracelet.

On november 11, 2018 and was was once again completely wrong. While his girlfriend for a night out with the girls, started with a-year-old daughter crying from hunger. V. R. and threw the kid hard to the ground. He called it the emergency services, but it was a friend of mine who’s a girl to go to the hospital alone. “I don’t know what mine is animated it has,” said the father, in the back of the court. “I was sitting in a black hole, and suddenly, she fell down on the floor, on the mat.”

“Fair punishments”

Then, Cedric V. R. Friday morning handcuffed to the court, it was brought in, he tried to make eye contact with his former partner, the mother of the fellow. It came too late. The lecture started immediately, which is also in the event of disagreement between the public prosecutor’s office, the court and the defense, once again, it was clear. According to the latter, there is no evidence of an intent to kill the child, according to the court, it was there. That is, the three-month-old girl on the mat has ended, it is not by accident, says President of the Lauwens, the lawyer, V. R., If he would kill to have it, he had her on the floor to be able to throw at them.

But then again, the courts don’t agree with that. V. R. react impulsively and aggressively, sounds like it’s right there. He was losing control, and, in addition, has himself announced that he will be the child with both hands and with full force bring up, knowing full well that death is a possible result. The district court is, therefore, of the attempted murder. Nevertheless, given the V. R. for a mild punishment: the public prosecutor’s office was originally a term of imprisonment of 15 years, claimed to be the man, he is now eight years old. “A proper punishment” is Lauwens, even though it is not yet clear whether the V. R. in the profession. He denies that he has any malicious intent.