Australia – man saves Walkalb from the network, and the Australian hobby is verzeigtEin divers Walkalb from a Hainetz saved. The authorities, however, had no joy of selfless action.0 KommentareOb the man actually action, is fined for his rescue is still unclear.Video: Tamedia

An Australian was with his boat off the Gold Coast on the road, as him a Walkalb noticed, had a Hainetz get caught. In short, the hobby jumped diving into the water and freed the animal. “I was just trying to untangle the web. I had a knife, but I don’t”, so the hobby never needed divers to ABC News.

On the way back to the coast of the Walretter was stopped, however, by officials of the fisheries Inspectorate, which had watched the rescue operation. This would have him fined on the spot, told the man to the media. Objected to by the authorities shortly thereafter, but confirmed that an investigation against the man had been initiated. You pointed out in a Tweet that, “you should leave animal rescue to the trained experts”.

networks: protection for people, threat to their young would

Prior to the Australian Gold Coast are designed in the sea, in many places, networks. This is to protect the visitors to the beach in front of Haiangriffen. To make to create the networks is, therefore, illegal. It threatens fines of up to 25’000 Australian Dollar.

But in the mean while, the networks for people protection, they are for sea creatures to a deadly trap. Just young, inexperienced their young would get tangled in the nets and perish in it. Animal rights activists and marine biologists are calling for longer, that the nets be replaced by other measures.

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