In the psychiatric hospital instructed – man discovers 8-Year-old in Basel, in front of AutoAm Tuesday a Boy from a 52-year-old man from the scooter on the road was pushed. The Boy suffered minor injuries and was taken to control the hospital.21 Kommentare21Der incident occurred the road to the Margaret.Photo: Google Maps

An 8-Year-old was found on Tuesday in Basel, a 52-year-old man from the scooter and easily hurt. The Prosecutor’s office has opened a procedure due to risk of life.

According to the message, the Basel state attorney’s chat from Wednesday, the Bub is about 17.15 with his mother was on the pavement at the Margaret street on the way. As the Boy went on his scooter to a man over, that pushed him suddenly from the scooter.

In the Wake of the 8-Year-old crashed on the roadway of an approaching car could stop at the last Moment. Two passers-by, the mother rushed to help, because the man threat approached, as the public Prosecutor’s office announced more.

More passers-by have detained the man until the Arrival of the police. The alleged perpetrator, a 52-year-old Italian who has been committed due to his mental Constitution by the occupational health doctor in a psychiatric clinic. The child was taken to control the hospital. Witnesses are being sought.

(SDA /aru)

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