Ranking < / P> In the Ranking, is a 63-year-old man has been exploited and abused by a Macedonian family. That the report of the public prosecutor’s office in Antwerp. The public prosecutor’s office has a criminal investigation for ill-treatment. As a man of 42, a woman of 41, and were stopped by the police.

as A community police officer in the region, and received it on the 17th of August 2019 at the latest, a report on one of the older Belgian man who has been for a number of months, outside on the terrace would have to sleep at an address in Deurne, the netherlands. He would also be obliged to be outside, to wash and to eat, and that they were local residents seen.

A team from the local police, the man could speak, and found that the occupants of the house, a Macedonian family of the victim, uitbuitten and the abused, the vulnerable state of a man.

Financial came:

The victim, a Belgian man, who, for the Macedonians have been around for a time, you know. The first study, it appears that they are the victims of the last ten years, and financially, came to have it. The claims were made in consultation with the public prosecutor’s office and the vzw Payoke in a safe and secure place to be found.

“During the subsequent investigation, it was also a magistrate claimed, because human trafficking is an abuse of the poor state of the people, and degrading treatment,” according to the public prosecutor’s office. On October 1, 2019 at the latest, a search is performed, and three members of the family were arrested. The judge ruled on Tuesday as a man of 42 with a wife of 41 years. They are to appear Friday before the court. The daughter, 19, is free under the terms and conditions.

in The study, under the direction of, the investigating judge will proceed.